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Kusatsu Onsen

This onsen (hot spring) resort is one of the three major springs in Japan. The unique bathing method of jikanyu (timed bathing) and yumomi (water beating) are customs that have been passed down since the Edo period (1600's). In addition to the high quality of the springs, the atmosphere of the resort is attractive with the yubatake (hot water fields, a wooden facility for thermal moderation of the water) located at the center. Also, this onsen resort boasts the greatest amount of hot spring water discharged in Japan. Among the top 100 onsen selected by travel guides, Kusatsu Onsen has been ranked No. 1 in Japan for 13 years in a row! In both name and reality, this onsen resort is representative of Japan. 

(40 minutes by car) 

アンカー 1
Manza Onsen

This onsen resort is one of the highest onsen 

resorts in Japan as it is located at 1,760 meters above sea level. For this reason the view from the open-air bath is outstanding. A feature of this onsen is that the water is milky white. Renowned as a symbol of Manza Onsen, Karabuki jets volcanic gas containing steam from between the rocks. Visitors can also enjoy skiing at nearby ski grounds in winter. 

(50 minutes by car)


This hot spring is surrounded by the beauty of nature and guests can bathe in the spring's healing waters. There are several different types of bath; a cypress bath, a cold mineral water spring, and an open air bath where you can see the sun cascading though the trees! Also, there is a steam sauna and a stone sauna where you lie on warm natural stones. They have a wonderful restaurant as well. 

Admission: 600 yen (15 minutes by car)

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