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Tsumagoimura, Kita-Karuizawa

Sightseeing Spot!

Asama Bokujyo 

Vast Stock Farm open to the public. You can enjoy BBQ and ice cream made  

from fresh cow's milk. There is a petting zoo where you can interact with small animals. From here you can walk to Shiraito Water Falls which is nice two hour trek!

Tsumagoi Bokujyo (Stock Farm)

This place is nice place for relaxing, viewing the beautiful landscape and grazing cattle. Sunsets are gorgeous here, but it is not crowded as it isn't a very touristy spot. There is a bell for devoted husbands and beloved wives, so come and ring it in celebration of mutual respect and affection!


Onioshidashi Park

Lava formed this work of art when Mt. Asama-yama erupted in 1783. Its name comes from the impressions of the people of the time, who said it looked like a devil had turned violent in the crater and pushed out the rocks. Enjoy the impressive panoramic site created by mother nature.

Kazawa Yunomaru Plateau

The plateau is famous for its masses of Japanese azaleas. Azaleas start blooming in mid-June and the number of azalea shrubs are said to be 60,000. The scenery of the plateau which is coloured in bright red is breathtaking.

Best time to see Japanese azalea: Mid-June to early July

Kyu-Karuizawa was formerly a post town along the Nakasendo Route, one of two major road connections that connected the imperial capital Kyoto with the shogun capital Edo (present-day Tokyo) during the Edo Period. Today, Kyu-Karuizawa is the main center of the Karuizawa resort area. 


The town has a pleasant atmosphere with chic restaurants and cafes aiming at affording patrons and with forested residential districts made up of holiday villas. Kyu-Karuizawa offers a wide range of shopping opportunities as well, notably at the Prince Shopping Plaza and the Kyu-Karuizawa Ginza. 


The townscape lends an additional touch of character by historic Western-style buildings such as the old Mikasa Hotel, the Mampei Hotel, and St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Karuizawa, which was designed by the legendary modern architect Antonin Raymond. 


Shiraito Water Fall

The water is not originally from river or rainfall, but is gushing out of rocks by this groundwater flows through the subterranean volcanic stratum at the base of Mt. Asama Although the falls are only 3 meters tall, they are spread out over a 70 meter wide arch with the crystal-clear water, moss-covered rocks and lush forest setting make for a beautiful scene. “Shiraito” means “white threads”, referring to the graceful thread-like streams of water cascading down the falls. 

Kumoba Pond

This is one of the most popular autumn destinations in Karuizawa. Around the pond is a twenty-minute walking trail, on which you can stroll under the beautiful red and yellow leaves.  The autumn colours reflected on the water surface are breathtaking as well. 

It is just about 15 to 20 minutes by walk from the Karuizawa station.

Kyu Usui Toge Miharashidai (Kyu Usui Pass Observation Platform)

It is located on the border of Nagano and Gunma Prefectures and boasts a fine view of towns and mountains, a spectacular overview of the craggy Southern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group, the Akaishi Mountains (or "Southern Alps"), and towering Mt. Asama. Near Miharashidai, there is an old shrine called “Kumanokotai Jinja” worth visiting.  If you feel hungry, you can take a rest at one of the traditional Japanese-style tearooms. You can go to this Miharashidai by bus or your own car, but you can also get there by a hiking trail which is like a tunnel of splendid fall foliage. 

Anchor Ginza

The Karuizawa Ginza  

This shopping street has a romantic ambiance and is suited for a stroll or for buying souvenirs and local desserts. This street is lined with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, food stalls, and more. Karuizawa Ginza is notable for the number of shops selling various fruit jams, a Karuizawa specialty and honey. Towards the end of the shopping street stands the Shaw Memorial Church, founded in 1895 by a missionary named A.C. Shaw, who popularised Karuizawa as a vacation destination.

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza ( Outlet Mall)

Situated just off the South Exit of Karuizawa Station, the facility offers luxury brands, fashion goods, accessories, sports items, outdoor gear, and more, with close to 240 shops.  There are also a few dining establishments here. This mall itself is a beautiful architecture and pleasant surroundings make it a lovely destination for a walk even if shopping is not on your agenda.

Hours: 10:00 to 19:00 (varies according to season) Closed: Few unscheduled closing days

Hoshino area is a region richly endowed with nature.

encompasses the vacation accommodations Hoshinoya and Hotel Bleston Court, the unique Stone Church, the fashionable dining area Harunire Terrace, and a hot spring bath house Tonbo no Yu.



Tonbono-yu, Hot Spring

Immerse yourself in the open-air bath at the foot of the mountain and take in the spectacular view. The open glass windows of the spacious and open-plan indoor bath also offer calming views outside

Facilities: Open-air bath, indoor bath, sauna, cold water bath

Hours: 10:00 to 23:00 (Last admission 22:00)

Admission: Adult ¥1,300 Child ¥750 (An excess seasonal charge applies)

Harunire Terrace

This is a trendy, upmarket shopping and dining area built on a wooden terrace and surrounded by the forest. It features an array of restaurants and boutiques, housed in attractive rows of shops with wooden facades. 

Shops hours: Varies by establishment but typically from 10:00 to 18:00 Restaurant hours: Varies by establishment but typically from 11:00 to 22:00


This is a restaurant serving delicious Japanese cuisine for all visitors and locals alike. Relax in comfort with our seasonal special menus.

Hours: 11:00 to 23:00 (Last order 22:00)

Contact and Reservation: +81 267 44 3571

Stone Church

The Stone Church is an excellent work of architecture. The artistic stone structure blends flawlessly into the surrounding woods; its appearance like a scene from a fairy tale, inviting people to take a closer look. The church's interior is equally imaginative and charming

Hours: 9:00 to 18:00 Closed: when used for weddings 

Admission: Free

Hiroshi Senjyu Museum

The museum assimilates the creations of renowned painter Senju Hiroshi seamlessly into the venue, which is a work of art in itself with its innovative architecture designed by Nishizawa Ryue (who also created the Teshima Art Museum). A combination of natural light and darkness is used to evoke varying visual experiences. Senju Hiroshi is best known for his paintings of waterfalls.

Hours: 9:30 to 17:00 (longer hours during summer) 

Closed: Dec 26 through February; Tuesdays (except during peak seasons) 

Karuizawa Taliesin

This is a big park with a pond (Lake Shiozawa) at its center that offers several minor museums and a variety of recreation facilities. Some leisure activities that can be enjoyed here are tennis, miniature golf, go-carting, boating and strolls along the many walking paths. The park offers pleasant autumn colors each fall around early to mid November.

Hours: 9:00 to 17:00 Closed: New Year holidays and from January 18 through February 

Admission: ¥800 (separate fees for museums and activities)

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