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About us

A littel bit about us...


Asama Kogen Hotel opened in 2014. We are Yukiko and Kohei, the owners, and we both live and love this area. It is our love of this region that inspired us to open this hotel, to share this beauty with you.


It has been a wonderful challenge for us, pursuing our dream of opening this place of beauty. It is our desire to offer you all this area has to offer; beautiful nature, trees, stars, and delicious local foods and produce.


Our project is not yet complete, and we are making improvements everyday. This year we painted the roof, we held several music concerts at our restaurant, we opened one private cottage for guests, as well as many other inspiring projects. We hope that this will be a place you decide to visit again and again, realising something new each time you come. We are growing quickly, and it is an exciting time for us here!

Yukiko Shirayama


Yukiko lived in the UK for five years and in Germany for three. She obtained a license for flower arrangement in the UK and opened the first school of preserved flowers called NINAROZA in Tokyo in 2000.


She has also worked in research and development and got a patent for flowering technology for preserving flowers. 


After the massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011 she moved to Karuizawa and opened the Asama Kogen Hotel in 2015 with her business partner Kohei. 


She is a hardworking and prudent owner, and also the hotel's wonderful Thai-inspired chef. 


She is an animal lover, especially cats and dogs. Her cat, JoJo, is 21 years old now and is always sitting on the sofa.


Preserved Flower Arrangment

Personal Colour Check 

Jewellery Designer 

Kohei Sugiura


Kohei graduated from Nihon University College of Art. He worked as a design consultant for many companies, working on daily necessities, sneakers, electronic products, store design, jewellery design, and many more. He also designs window displays and exhibitions for large designers like HERMES and Cartier. 


He receivean honourable mention for the Environment Art Prize, Good Design Award, Display Design Award for the HELMES Jewellery Exhibition in 1998. 


He has great skill to build and design. He has made not only the beautiful floors of our restaurant, but also the lighting, walls, and the stone path of the entrance.  


Amazingly, many parts of this hotel have been handmade by Kohei and Yukiko! 


Consaltant for desing strategy  

Design Plannning for small scale products

Acrylic precision work

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