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Sleep in the forest

Asama Kogen Hotel

Our hotel is in this vast forest.

You will sleep in peaceful silence, surrounded by the trees.

Our hotel is located in the vast forest, perhaps a little bit inconvenient to get to, but that is why you will have a night sky filled with shimmering stars. From every room you can see trees changing throughout each season and you will sleep in total silence. We serve hearty and delicious dishes created from the freshest local vegetables. How sweet they are!

The area has so much to offer you, from it's pristine nature to the various activities which you can enjoy around the area, such as trekking, sightseeing, skiing and visiting the local hot springs.


We hope you will be our guest in beautiful Karuizawa, making memories that will last a lifetime! 

Food & Restaurant

We love good food and we pride ourselves on serving hearty and delicious dishes created primily from the freshest local produce. We also use home grown herbs. 

We have comfortable cafe, restaurant and bar space. 

Outdoors & Sightseeing 

Enjoy all this gorgeous area has to offer! 


Located at the entrance to an untouched natural forest, you can spend time walking around the woods and viewing the stars on clear nights to calm the spirit and relax the mind. If you want to explore more, we are here with any information you might need to find the activities that best suit you. 

What you can do here!

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